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December 12-14 ’10 Snowstorm

Posted by wxgeek on December 10, 2010

Good evening everyone here is the latest on the second significant snowstorm to hit WV. Nailed the first snowstorm forecast. Here is the forecast for the second one.

The first part of the total snow will be on Sunday as the rain changes to snow. The second part will be Monday-Tuesday as the upslope machine is cranking.

The NWS is talking about possible Blizzard watches/warnings. That would be impressive if we actually see true blizzard conditions. I read that they are talking about blizzard-like conditions. It is very rare that we see true blizzard conditions that last for an extended period of time. What is a blizzard you may be wondering…

– A blizzard means that the following conditions are expected to prevail for a period of 3 hours or longer:

Sustained wind or frequent gusts to 35 miles an hour or greater; and
Considerable falling and/or blowing snow (i.e., reducing visibility frequently to less than 1 mile)


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